Returning Volunteer Make Up Training - Rob Mitchell - Castaway Kid (1 Hour)
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Returning Volunteer Make Up Training - Rob Mitchell - Castaway Kid (1 Hour)

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1 hour of Online Camp & Mentoring Club Training for Returning Volunteers

Please read the instructions below prior to purchase!

  • This training platform is designed in a way where the trainee is required to register for their own training course/courses.
  • Purchase ONE training per customer using the email of the person who will be trained. The link to the training cannot be forwarded to other email addresses for multiple uses. The link will be expired after the training has already been activated once.
  • You may purchase multiple different training videos but may not purchase multiple of the same training video to distribute amongst multiple individuals.
  • If you are the Camp or Mentoring Club Director wanting to pay for multiple volunteers - we are no longer activating multiple training links at once. This is to ensure that each volunteer can directly receive the training being purchased without having to rely on the director to connect them.
  • This will ensure that the information needed to activate the training is accurate. We have made this change to avoid missing links, incorrect email spelling, and a direct communication with the trainee.

If you have any questions concerning this change, please contact

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